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Starting a blog

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How to make money blogging

This Google blogspot "how to start a blog" will focus on the keywords affiliate marketing, how to start a blog and TriVita, a health and wellness company. If you are new to blogging, use this blog as an example on how to promote your blog.

I will make the paragraphs short so it's easy to read this blog. If you make long paragraphs the blog or website becomes much more difficult to read, I recommend you do the same.

This Google blog will point to my affiliate marketing sites through hyperlinks which in turn will create backlinks.

The more backlinks pointing to your websites, blogs and other Internet assets the better the chances of being on page 1 of Yahoo, Google and Bing...the major search engines.

You will notice a hyperlink in the first paragraph. That hyperlink will create a backlink to my website about the keyword - affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing
Many companies will pay you to get customers for them, many of these affiliate programs are free to join and some have a small fee and some require a small monthly autoship. some may require larger start up fees and even larger monthly autoship requirements.

When a customer buys products through an affiliate company and they buy through you customer id# or affiliate link, you will get a commission. Most of these affiliates pay only on the first sale, like many web hosting affiliates.

TriVita, a health and wellness company will pay affiliates seven levels deep on reorders. Another thing I like with TriVita is that they will take care of your customers.

Getting new customers should be your focus, so if you can get commissions on reorders, that is extra money!

Some companies will also pay on the reorders. Getting paid on reorders can add up to a lot of extra commissions. If you are looking for ways to make money, affiliate programs can supplement you income.

Autoship Update: 2-6-11
TriVita no longer requires an autoship of Nopalea to receive compensation. I just learned this as I am writing this blog. To get compensated from TriVita for your comissions, a $40.00 monthly volume order is still required, just not on an autoship order.

Autoship Requirements Have Been Removed You are no longer required to have an autoship order to qualify for compensation. However, you may still choose to have an autoship order for the added convenience.

See more here - communication center.

I am trying to teach you how to blog and how to focus on keywords through your blog in your blogs and websites. Notice the links going to my affiliate sites and other websites.

Whatever you are going to blog about, always try and point the links to "your" websites or affiliate sites. That way when someone reading your blog decides to leave through a link, they will be leaving to another one of your websites, blogs or articles. Always try and point to yourself when blogging, there are some exceptions of course.

Try not to copy and past, write good content and provide the reader with information. If you do copy an article, put the article you copied in italics and give credit where credit is due.

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